The Extraordinary NWF Congress took place online on Wednesday Feb. 7, 2024. The following participated in the meeting: NWF Executive Board Karoliina Lundahl, Patrik Helgesson, Tron Kvilhaug; Member Federations Denmark Stefan Dauggard, Finland Pasi Vierelä, Iceland Erna Hedinsdottir, Norway Børje Aadland, Sweden Patric Bettenbourg and Athletes Commission Kim-Eirik Tollefsen.

The NWF TCRR was approved. In 2024 will Nordic athletes compete in six bodyweight categories with the lowest and the highest categories being held as a Point Competition. Which points will be used will be decided at the Final Verification Meeting of the Championships. Each weight class can have up to three athletes from the same nation.

For the Organizing Committee of each Nordic Championships a new timeline was approved. The Regulation must be sent out three months before the Technical Congress, the Preliminary Entries must ready two months before the Technical Congress and the Final Entries must be in 14 days before the Technical Congress. This is a great improvement to the old system when Final Entries were confirmed at the Technical Congress. Also only names on the Preliminary Entry List are valid for Final Entries.

The NWF Athletes Commission will have their first athlete arranged election at the 2024 Senior Nordic Championships at the Faroe Islands in October 2024. Athletes who are 18 years of age and have competed at the last four Nordic Championships are eligible for the elections. Athletes at the Nordic Championships will vote for an athlete from their own country, one female and one male from each of the six Member Federations. There will be a maximum of 12 athletes on the Nordic Athletes Commission.

The NWF Executive Board will work on updating the NWF Constitution as of February 7, 2024 and the new NWF TCRR according to the decisions made at the Congress. When the work is ready, the material will be distributed to Member Federations and posted on this website.